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To create your brand and its identity we need to know what makes you tick! What are your business goals? Who is your target audience? And what sort of feel do you want your business to portray? These factors all help us to create an effective brand strategy, brand identity and create your brand’s voice. These are all factors that will get people talking about you, your brand and what it stands for – and you’ll make them your biggest fans!


As we work with you, we get to know your business. We can establish all of your creative design requirements; from your logo and brand identity, social media graphics, animation, photography, printed materials, digital design, website design to a whole host of other visual media. All of which will make your brand be the one that sticks in people’s minds and have them shouting from the rooftops about your product or service!


In need of a rebrand?
No problem! We work in exactly the same way and treat you as a new business – we still need to get to know you after all! Looking at your business with fresh eyes allows us to see where we could improve your branding and what opportunities could have been missed to do something a little different.


Struggling to explain what you do or describe your product? Using animation could be the answer!


In an age where there’s content in every scroll all fighting for attention, animation or motion graphics can break through the noise to tell your story and engage your audience. By being a little different, a moving image always grabs the eye more than a static one, so what better way to sell a product or tell your story?

Graphic Design

Despite being a part of an increasingly digital age, we’re firm believers that print’s not dead! Whether design is used for a digital audience or print media, there’s more to it than just making stuff look pretty (although we’re really good at that) – it also has to embody your brand and its message, whether it’s the size of a business card, the side of a building or your latest post on social media.


So in short, a combination of digital and print is a perfect mix.

Website Design

Websites should be great to look at, easy to use, and informative; but most of all allow your customer to buy your product or find out about your services with ease.


Making your customer’s journey as easy as possible is key to your website design being a success. We are big believers in keeping things simple and the fewer clicks it takes for your customer to find the information they require to make an informed decision, the better. 


Are you in need of a website? Or is your existing site just not hitting the mark anymore? Let’s have a chat and make your online presence stand out from the competition!


Stock photography can be useful if you’re working to a tight deadline, but genuine, authentic photography of your business or product builds a rapport with your audience and shows who you really are. That authenticity simply can’t be obtained with a few cheesy stock shots!


When we take images for your brand, we ensure they follow a certain style that resonates with your brand. 


Whether this be shots of you and your team, your products, or images taken at a school for promotional reasons; they all need to resonate with what your brand is trying to say.

Interior Graphics

Are you seeing empty spaces? Not in our eyes! We see blank canvases. Whether it’s a wall in a school corridor or a window in an office, specially designed interior graphics can not only be a clever use of space, but can reinforce your brand and its message. With the added bonus of creating a massive impact on people walking by and make the most of the space to benefit your business!


We create amazing interior spaces by incorporating our creative designs on to wall graphics, window graphics and internal displays. Whether you want the wall to incorporate your company branding or are a school needing to promote your values to your students, we can creatively implement our ideas to create an amazing piece of design for your blank spaces.

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