Experts in cybersecurity, The Armour Group use their four sub-brands – Digital Armour, Network Armour, Dark Armour and Airborne Armour – and work in partnership with businesses to educate in the importance of cybersecurity. They offer expert training with a personal touch and decades of experience.

We were tasked with creating an identity for each of the four sub-brands, clearly distinguishing them as individual segments, but with enough stylistic overlap that they’d still be recognisable as part of The Armour Group. To achieve this, we created four different logos and colour palettes that represented them individually.

Following the creation of these brand identities, we created print design, social media graphics and magazine adverts that clearly communicate and identify the services offered by the Armour Group in a way that’s comprehensible, without the use of unnecessary, confusing jargon.

Network Armour - Logo
Digital Armour - Logo
Dark Armour - Logo
Airborne Armour - Logo
Th Armour Group - A5 Leaflet
The Armour Group - Banner Stand
The Armour Group - Business Card Front
The Armour Group - Business Card back
The Armour Group - Magazine Adverts
The Armour Group - Magazine Adverts
The Armour Group - I Phone XS twitter feed
The Armour Group Knight


Brand Identity Design, Print Design, Social Media Graphics, Magazine Advertising.

South Yorkshire M.S.P
Ashiana Sheffield