Do you know when it’s time to rebrand?

A rebrand comes at different times and for different reasons for each business. There is no set timescale. You might find that some of these points below feel familiar in your business right now; if so, it could be time for a rebrand:

You have outgrown your branding, so it has become outdated

There are many reasons as to why your branding may become outdated. Your company branding was initially created for you as a start-up, the identity was created years ago and hasn’t aged well, your business strategy has altered since, or your branding was created and may simply no longer reflect the current aims of your business.

Differentiate your business from other competitors

Being in a similar business sector can sometimes mean that the branding of your business looks similar to that of your competitor. There is a chance that potential customers may struggle to tell the difference – which is not what you want! A rebranding project is worth considering as it lets people know why your business is different and it strengthens the individuality of it. Remember… It’s good to be different!

Connecting with new audiences

The audience for your product or service will potentially change as time goes by. Rebranding your business gives the ‘brand look’ a refresh and helps connect with new customers who may not have picked you out from the competition previously.

Creative Challenges

You may have branding in place, but it may not be successful in its current state; leading it to be disjointed, with mixed messaging and not consistent across different media platforms. A rebrand will create a more consistent and easy to use identity.

Your organisation has completed a merger or take-over

This involves a lot of thinking and a re-evaluation of every aspect of your branding. Will the name stay the same? Will your logo change? We’re experienced in guiding you through, creating the big changes needed and taking care of the finer details. It’s all about what your business requires and we’re here to create the best solution!

A successful rebrand can transform a business or product. A new strategy, messaging and identity can open your brand up to new customers and re-engage with current customers in new ways as it is launched across your marketing materials, website redesign and brand new identity suite!

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