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The importance of building a brand for your business

Branding is the bridge between your business’ product or service and how your audience interacts with you. Your branding, paired with your offering, has the power to turn your audience into loyal customers. Here are some points to think about when building your brand.

Define your brand 

This should be a discussion at the very beginning of your brand formation, where you concentrate on a well thought out strategy. It’s an opportunity to review the product or service that your business offers, establishing its mission and values, and also think about where it sits within the market. Starting out with these definitions sets the foundations of a strong brand!

What are your brand values?… What is your brand’s ‘personality’?

As individuals, we each have a character made up of different aspects including beliefs, purposes and values. These define who we are as people and to define your brand is no different. When you are creating your brand, it is vital to have this understanding of it in order to successfully portray your brand’s personality and decide on your brand values.

Build long-term relationships with your clients

You should create trust by offering honest branding that reflects your company, its values and what services or products you are offering. If your brand over promises or is too flashy, it raises the expectation of your business where sometimes you may not be able to deliver. Get the balance right and your clients will keep coming back!

What is driving your business?

Your brand’s beliefs and purposes can help establish your brand positioning in the market. It can also aid the formation of your brand’s identity and character for things like brand communications.

Don’t try to copy the look of big brands!

You and your brand need to create a well-defined and unique identity. By doing this, you will attract the right customer base for your business. Big brands are restricted by many stakeholders and decision-makers, which somewhat prevents a natural and ongoing reaction to the constantly evolving needs of their clients. This can make it difficult to be bold with their branding. Conversely, smaller businesses have a greater opportunity to dare to be different!

A strong brand gives a new business many benefits!

It gives you the ability to promote your unique selling proposition (USP) to your prospective customers and display how your business differs from your competition. A strong and consistent brand will give you a professional presence. It will also improve your chances of a customer choosing you over a competitor. There are many positives for the company internally too, including being able to attract and retain great staff!

Are you ready to build your brand?

We’re happy to have an informal chat with you about how we could help revive your best digital asset! Get in touch on 01226 720734 or fill out our contact form here!

Ginger Fox Studio - Ginger Fox Studio | Branding, Design & Digital Agency | Barnsley - icon in white

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