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How Animation can aid the development of your brand

Digital animation can help communicate your brand, products and values in new exciting ways! Animation is a great way of cutting through the digital noise and stand out against your competition, which creates greater awareness for you as a company! Below are just a few ways we use animation to help our clients!

Announce or introduce your brand identity/rebrand 

This is one of the most common forms of animation that we get asked to do! It’s a simple introduction to your brand identity through a moving logo sequence using your brand colours. It adds interest and certainly creates curiosity and excitement for your new branding!

Bring your ‘buyer persona’ to life

Your business is up and running. You have your brand, values and products set, and you are ready to release them out into the view of your potential customers. A great way to develop a strong brand identity through animation, and one that resonates with your target audience, is to create something called a ‘buyer persona’. This is a representation of your typical or ideal customer. By creating a character who has similar experiences to your target audience, you’re making your brand, product and service more relatable.

Aid customer recall of your brand, make a lasting and memorable impression

Animation done in the right way gives a brand the advantage of leaving a memorable impression to their current customers and also to potential customers. Using animation as part of your marketing collateral means that brands and businesses can give a further insight into the values, intentions and products or services. Doing this gives your customers a different perspective and a clearer understanding of who you are as a business or brand, as well as how you can help your customers.

It’s easier to understand

Sometimes it can be a challenge to explain a product, idea or service purely in a textual format. Depending on the audience the text was initially written for and how technical it is, there is a chance that your audience may not engage with it in a way that you would ideally want them to. Here’s where animation comes in! Animation can bring your ideas, products and services to life in a way that suits you and your business. It presents information in a more visual way, adding more interest, movement and colour.

You can use animation to explain who you are, what you do and your product or service to your audience. Generally, people are more likely to watch a video explainer than read through that same information in text form on your website (as mentioned above). This gives you the opportunity to get across the same message, but in a more engaging way, while the user still learns about your business. Don’t forget to add your contact information and website to the end of the animation as a call to action for your audience and potential customers!

Are you ready to incorporate animation into your online marketing?

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