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How a great website benefits your brand

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A website as an online presence is a highly effective marketing tool that you absolutely need to utilise. It sets a great first impression, can be very cost efficient and can work for you and your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; leaving you with more time to get other things done!

There are many benefits of having a great website for your brand, we’ll be exploring these below in a little more detail. There might be some that you’ve not even considered…

  • Be seen.

    Have an eye-catching presence online and extend your reach to worldwide – if that’s what you wish! Your website can help to establish your business, brand and services, it conveys your professionalism and communicates your brand values.

  • Build trust.

    Your website is a great place for new clients and prospective clients to learn more about your business and what you have to offer. It’s where they can find out more about your expertise, what services or products you can offer, your business history or what other people who have done business think of you.

  • Search listings.

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques are an essential to build into your website. This ensures that your site ranks well in search engine results lists and will make sure you’re found by your target audience!

  • Use social networks.

    Utilise social networks as free advertising / marketing spaces for your business. Likes and shares on your social media can give your business free exposure and drive more people to your website.

  • Blog.

    Consider adding a blog to your website. It not only shows that you’re knowledgeable on your area of expertise, it can share insights into the industry and also provide practical tips to your customers. The other benefit of starting (and maintaining) a blog, is that it contributes to refreshing your content and draw people to your website. It’s also something else to share through your social networks, which (you guessed it!), draws people towards your website.

  • Contact.

    Your website provides visitors and customers with an easy way to contact you, through providing your email address, telephone number, contact form and meeting booking form. Giving them different options and methods of contacting you is the best option as people have different schedules and commitments. This makes you more accommodating and will hopefully lead to that all important sale or purchase!

  • Sell products.

    Does your business offer products that lend themselves to online sales? Create a shop function on your website to complement a physical shop or selling at events to further increase sales potential!

  • Provide convenience.

    It’s essential that you provide your target audience and customers with as many different ways to interact with your business as possible. Newsletter sign-ups, promotions, portfolios, online stores, testimonials, meeting booking calendars, contact details, blogs, social networks; but everything should revolve around your brand with the focal point of it all being a great looking, expertly designed and functional website.

All of these points can be great arguments for setting up an effective website as they build awareness of your brand or business. Aside from the initial cost of building a functional website, ongoing costs to maintain and update that website are minimal and as we mentioned before, the website works on marketing your brand and business every hour of every day.

Ready to build a website that works for you?

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Ginger Fox Studio - Ginger Fox Studio | Branding, Design & Digital Agency | Barnsley - icon in white

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