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Educational Wall Graphics – Five ways they can be beneficial to your school or college

The environment in which a child studies influences their ability to learn and grow. There are many ways that wall graphics can be used to elevate your child’s school, college or general learning experience! Let’s explore how…


Promotes Visual Learning

Visual Learning is a key learning style with research showing that over 65% of the general population are classed as ‘visual learners’! Exposure to this visual stimuli when learning, helps students to retain information.

Wall graphics can compliment a taught lesson, inspire further reading or discovery, and promote discussion amongst students; with their teachers, or one another!

Reinforce your School Values or Branding

Wall graphics featuring your school’s values are a great talking point for new parents and visitors to the school. They are best used in more ‘public spaces’ such as school halls, corridors or reception areas. The bespoke graphics are unique to your school or college and incorporate your values, ethos and often includes your branding and logo.

Whether you’re part of a wider trust, or your educational facility is independent, displaying your branding on the walls of your reception area or in other public areas can give impact to visitors and add interest to commonly used areas. It can be used to reinforce your values, display your crest or give out information to staff, students and visitors.

Improving staff and student wellbeing

There’s a whole host of benefits that come with internal (and external!) wall graphics, one of the most notable being the improvement of the wellbeing of your staff and students!

Wall graphics can brighten up corridors and classrooms, create a positive atmosphere for learning and growing, and can also create a sense of familiarity or calm. This is achievable by incorporating things such as children’s book characters, inspirational quotes from notable authors, including successful projects that the school has worked on collectively or simply by bringing the outdoors in!

Celebrates Diversity and Inclusivity

An effective way of showing your staff and students that this is the perfect environment for them to feel accepted and to thrive!

Using images that highlight different appearances and genders, abilities or ethnicities will normalise all children and allow them to feel more settled in their learning environment.

This is a great support in enabling children to express themselves freely, as well as encouraging acceptance and unity in everyday activities, lessons and social time.


Attractive and creative learning environments

Feature walls and external graphics can really make a great impression on staff and students, but this is something that is also important to prospective parents and their children when they’re looking at schools or colleges. We all want to make a great first impression, what a great way to welcome new students!

Schools that we have worked with previously have gained great feedback on their wall graphics in their OFSTED reports, which is another great positive to including wall graphics in your school!


As you can see, there are so many positives to installing wall graphics in your educational setting! They can be used in the classroom, in corridors and externally to brighten up the space and welcome students, parents and staff; a great investment for any school or college.


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